At age nineteen Ozan Aydogan meets theatre for the first time on the front row of a small theatre in his hometown Alkmaar. A few weeks later he finds himself on the same floor having his first rehearsals.

During the process of his first play, he also contributes by writing monologues, dialogues, and songs using his background as a writer of poetry. After exploring the possibilities of music and text-driven theatre for two years, he auditions at De Gasten in Amsterdam, a theatre group that specializes in the physical aspects of acting by letting the body replace the (sometimes) narrating and guiding role of words. After working with directors for two years and studying Writing For Performance at the HKU (High School of the Arts Utrecht), Ozan quits his study to fully focus on acting. After which he gets accepted at the Theatre School of Amsterdam where he continues to deepen his understanding of the art that once stole his heart at the first row of a small theatre in his hometown Alkmaar.

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